Welcome Back

Yuzz is an inspirational force led by young people for young people, serving the communities of South Barnsley.

Faded images of youth partnerships success with words, building on success to create the future.

The world and society is in a constant flux of change, sometimes faster than we wish, some other times too slowly. Yuzz wants young people to help light the way across the global noise that is the cyber-verse. So why not join us and put your voice out there with us, and set the Buzz for others to hear.

'We Are BACK'

Post pandemic we have re-launched Yuzz up here in the cloud with the aim of delivering the same great youth work we did down on the ground. Young people leading the way showing how to have fun and enjoy life, whilst still being part of the wider community. Youth is about building the future today for everyones tomorrow.

Hoyland town centre with urband silhouettes of young people.

It's My World Too

The vision of Yuzz is to give a cyber voice to young people, a place to shout out and be heard by all. To give and set the Yuzz Buzz of Barnsley and beyond. Young people making it real, showing that youth is an important part of a community and it's future.


Excited young people looking at laptop in awe that Yuzz is back.

It's Back

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