About Us At Yuzz

The youth partnership is an independent young people led group that launched on to the scene back in 2015. It's for 8-19 year olds and provides opportunities for young people to get involved in their local community. This is achieved by planning, organising and running a variety of events, activities and projects throughout the year. To do this we often have to work in partnership with other community organisation, local businesses and statutory organisations.

To date we have delivered a host of events and projects.

None of this would be possible without the support of our local community including The Forge Community Partnership, Rockingham, Hoyland and Milton Ward Alliance, Tesco Hoyland, Jump Club, The Mayors Fund, Salvation Army, Jump Primary School, SYCF, Barnsley Chronicle and many others. The Youth Partnership is an inspirational youth force of young people for young people that serves the community.

Get involved - email: info@yuzz.org.uk

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'The Youth Partnership'
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Email: info@yuzz.org.uk

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