What's Yuzzing this August

Community Enterprise

The KBA girl's enterprise group not only made Yorkshire Day special by RYTHMISING Elsecar Park they also raised over £200 for Barnsley Hospitals Tiny Hearts Appeal.

A  blue line Breaking News: Team Yuzz get Barnsley Chronicle and the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner - Stronger Community Grant.

Digital Power - Studio Project

Our breaking news is that thanks to a grant from the Barnsley Chronicles Stronger Community Fund we now have real opportunities to start and develop our digital power project. More to follow on this fantastic opportunity, so keep your eyes on us as we bring the voice and vision of youth to a computer near you.

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South Area Healthy Holidays

Summer Hols program of activities for young people in South Brnsley.

Above is the program of activities organised by the South Area Council for young people over the summer break. Check out the full program for details of how to book your place which we 'strongly urge' you to do.

Download the full program: Click Here.

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Football Team Players Wanted

Hoyland Town Juniors and Magpies teams are both looking for players. So if you’re interested in becoming the next sporting sensation check out the leaflets below.

Football recruitment poster for Hoyland Town Juniors. Football recruitment poster for Hoyland Town Magpies. A  blue line

Teen Safe Workshop

Digital Champions postrr offering workshop on Teens staying safe online. A  blue line

Bike Project

There's no stopping the pedal power of the Youth Bike Project, a real Yuzz.

Bike Project showing we young people on bikes, fixing  them learning about them, riding them.

It meets on a Monday afternoon 2.00 til 4.00pm at the Youth Hub on the Cloughs. To get involved with all things bike - just pop in and see us.

Our Friends

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Hoyland, Milton & Rockingham Wards

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Getting Involved In

'The Youth Partnership'
or 'Team Yuzz'
is easy, just;
Email: info@yuzz.org.uk

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